C Type USB Docket Station

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Solis USB C Docking Station MacBook (HDMI/VGA/GIGABIT LAN/USB 3.0/Card Reader/3.5 mm Audio and PD, Silver)

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    Solis USB-C Docking Station is the best in class product for the number of features it consists.


    • The Docking station has two display ports that are the HDMI & VGA which can be used to enhance two external display monitors.
    • They support a resolution of 1920 * 1080 @ 60 Hz. This helps to attain the similar and highest clarity on all the three monitors.
    • The Gigabit Ethernet transmits at 1000 Mbps making the data transfer super fast.
    • The 3*USB 3.0 ports can perfectly solve your problem of interface shortage and can help you connect all your USB devices such as Hard drives , Pen drives , Keyboard , Mouse, Phone etc.,
    • The double card reader slot has both of option of a TF card slot for camera's and a SD card slot for mobile phones.
    • You can now enjoy music with the 3.5 mm audio jack which helps you connect your earphones , headphones or external speakers.
    • The 60 Watt PD charging allows you to charge your laptop even while you are working and using the Docking Station simultaneously.
    • This Docking device can also be used as a laptop base which adds a style to it.
    • Supports Mac Os and Windows 7/8/10
    • Suitable for all types of Type-C laptops.
    • The body of the docking station is made of matte aluminium alloy which keeps it doesn't allow it to heat it up even after long duration of use.
    • There are non-slip silicone mat placed at the top of the device to avoid the rubbing of the laptop to the docking station and at the bottom to avoid the slip of the device on the surface.


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