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With the temperatures setting new records every summer, the best option is to have an air-conditioner (AC). An AC that can work effectively in tropical climate of India where the temperature soars to 50oC, At Last I found the Solis AC is true Air Conditioner for Especially Delhi Summer, Thumps Up Guys......

 - Surya Singh - 


The Diwali season just got done and I also brought up a TV for my family, I was not looking for brand, but I was looking for LED Smart TV with promising services and best quality product with affordable price.......I Got Solis 40" Smart LED TV.........This is really value of my valuable hard earned money along with happiness of my family.....Thanks Guys.....Best of luck

 - Gajendra Singh  - 

"मै एक गृहणी हूं। मै अपनी रसोघर के लिए एक ऐसा साधन ढूंढ रही थी जिससे मुझे हर वक़्त गरम पानी मिलता रहे। और मुझे ऐसा उपुक्त नल मिला जिससे मुझे कभी भी गरम पानी की किल्लत महसूस नहीं होती। मै आपका आभार प्रकट करती हूं। धन्यवाद Solis Electronics"

 - Veemati Devi-